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Looking for a little something extra this month? No problem, that's what add-ons are for! If you need more calls, texts or internet mid-month just buy one of these handy add-ons to keep you going until your next membership starts.

Add-on costs

Mobile Calls
60 minutes €3.00
Mobile texts
100 texts €3.00
1GB €3.00
Landline calls
10 minutes €3.00

Mobile Minutes

Never miss out on the gossip. With our mobile calls add-on you get 60 minutes of calls to any mobile network. 60 minutes for €3.00


Continue surfing and downloading to your heart's content with an extra 1GB of mobile internet. 1GB internet for €3.00


Couldn't get Mum off the phone and have run out of landline minutes? Get another 10 minutes of calls to landlines. 10 minutes for €3.00

Mobile Texts

On the Mitch and run out of old school texts, no problem, get another 50 texts to any mobile network. 50 texts for €3.00

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