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My Kickback

Get your mates signed up to 48 through Kickback and we’ll sort you out with Kickback credit or cash. We won’t forget your friends either. They get Kickback credit too.. Win Win!

  • Get up to €10 Kickback credit or cash for every friend you recruit
  • Your friend gets the same amount in Kickback credit instantly
  • Get Free SIMs sent straight to you or your friends.
  • Earn as much as you want!


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This is your balance for recruits from 01/08/2015 - 31/10/2015. Credit is paid immediately. Cash is paid once every 3 months. For more information check out the Kickback FAQs.

My orders & recruits


Top 10 earners

Please note: The leaderboard may take up to 24 hours to refresh

No. Name Recruits Earnings
1 cheapphones 480 €3710
2 moneyguideireland 564 €3695
3 chrisshan 229 €1855
4 vicurd 63 €490
5 gabb 58 €410
6 kellyn 65 €400
7 1mohamed48 61 €365
8 mrfoley328 49 €325
9 chester 50 €320
10 prherbert 45 €275

Got questions about how 48 Kickback works? See our Kickback FAQs. As with everything in life there are some rules, see our Kickback Rules. Cash is awarded through PayPal once every 3 months. Terms apply.