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48's price plan rules

48's price plan rules

These are the details for your 48 Price Plan and these are in addition to the General Terms for 48 Services.


When you register your 48 SIM Card you are able to receive calls. To use our other services you will need a Monthly Membership. Once you top up your SIM card you can select your preferred Monthly Membership option online. The details are set out below

(inc. VAT)
The Guido €10 per month
  • 300 minutes to Irish Mobiles
  • Unlimited texts to Irish Mobiles
  • 1GB Mobile Internet
  • 60 minutes to Irish Landlines
The Don €20 per month
  • Unlimited calls to Irish Mobiles
  • Unlimited texts to Irish Mobiles
  • 5GB Mobile Internet
  • 60 minutes to Irish Landlines
The Doke €15 per month
  • 500 minutes to Irish Mobiles
  • Unlimited texts to Irish Mobiles
  • 1GB Mobile Internet
  • 20 minutes to Irish Landlines
The Mitch €15 per month
  • 15 GB Mobile Internet
  • 50 minutes to Irish Mobiles
  • 100 texts to Irish Mobiles

Your membership lasts from the date of purchase until midnight at the end of the same date in the next month (the anniversary date). So if you buy a membership on 2nd of February you will need to buy your next membership on the 2nd of March.

If you purchase a membership on the 29th, 30th or 31st day of a month and the anniversary does not occur in the next month then your membership will last until the last day in that next month. So if you buy a membership on 31st March it will last until 30th April as there are only 30 days in that month.

You can set up your account to automatically renew your membership. If you choose this option, your membership charge payment will be taken each month on your anniversary date. You can cancel the recurring feature on request at any time and this will take effect from the next anniversary date. We will notify you up to 48 hours in advance that a recurring charge payment will be taken. You can also check the status of payments at any time in the My 48 membership planner.

Alternatively you can buy Monthly Memberships in advance, however you only need (and can only have) one active in any Monthly Membership period. Where you buy memberships in advance they will queue and activate when your current membership period expires.

Inclusive Membership Allowances: Your inclusive membership allowance will expire when your active monthly membership expires or when you have used your inclusive allowance, whichever should occur first. Should you use your inclusive allowance before your active membership has expired we will notify you and you will be able to purchase additional add-ons.

There is no carryover of any unused membership allowances. 

The inclusive Calls allowance includes calls to any Irish mobile network. You may not use your Calls allowance to call landlines, directory enquiries, international numbers, premium rate numbers or while roaming. These calls and services will be charged at the applicable rate.

The inclusive Text allowance includes texts to text to any Irish mobile network. You may not use your Text allowance to text to international numbers or while roaming or for sending or receiving premium texts. These texts and services will be charged at the applicable rate.

The inclusive mobile internet allowance does not include mobile internet usage when roaming. Internet use is subject to our fair use policy and is designed for use with your 48 SIM Card in your 48 handset only.

Where included, inclusive landline minutes can be used for calls to Irish landlines (geographic numbers) including Northern Ireland landlines dialled with the 048 prefix. 

Charges apply for all other calls and texts such as calls and texts to international numbers, roaming, calls to non-geographic numbers (i.e. premium rate, 1890, 1850, 076 etc.) and all other usage types (calls, texts and MMS). Click here for all other charges.

Please note certain call types are restricted such as calls to select premium rate numbers.

Fair Use of 48 services: We want you to use our services as much as you need but unlimited or all you need does not mean unreasonable use. Click here to read our fair use policy for 48 services.


You must have active monthly membership to roam with 48 services. Some services will not be available when roaming. The available roaming destinations and associated services are subject to change. Click here for details on roaming prices, add-ons and services available.


The Price Plan may be varied or amended by us for any reasonable commercial, technical or operational reason.

Effective Date: 10th December 2014